Reclusive druid


Race: Human
Class: Druid
Alignment: True Neutral
Background: Hermit
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Hometown: None
Family: Unknown
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 172 lbs

Reus is a reclusive druid. His prolonged exposure to the elements and drug use has made him age poorly, though his long grey hair remains. Green eyes stare blankly past you when you speak to him; rarely does his attention seem to be focused on the present. He drapes himself in torn, dark-colored robes with once white fabrics wrapped around his wrists and ankles. He is pale-skinned due to his preference for deep, heavily covered woods. He keeps a distance and usually stays hooded unless surrounded by familiar folk, which is rare.


Eyes closed.
Neon branches grow and dance to the rhythm in my chest.
Disordered noise crescendos into the echo chamber.
Sinking deeper.
Red tentacles strangle the neon branches, swirling.
Time dissolves.
A void.
The noise ultimately fades.
I land back on earthy floor.
The moonlight sneaks in between my eyelids.
Eyes open.

“So tell me, what is it? Which mortal do you worship? What object do you fetishize? What cause are you championing? What is it? What is giving you purpose? As an orphan, I had no purpose. It was up to me to find it.

Growing up, it didn’t take long to realize that the towns I lived in were all the same. All of them defined by meaningless laws, currencies, religions. I fled. The natural world has long been my home now. It is my friend. It is my purpose.

I can testify that the natural world holds deep truths for those who listen. Yet, we never give our womb and grave an opportunity to speak.

I have found many truths over the years—one of these being plants capable of enhancing our perceptions of reality. These altered states can give us clues to the mysteries of the cosmos, and can reveal things around us that can’t be seen—things even, that make up the very fabric of our existence. Teachers and elders will smear this natural gift with their words, saying that these plants rot the mind, or make the body ill and dependent, or simply that they are unholy. Find out for yourself and let the truths be revealed, I say, because “holy” and “evil” are meaningless terms that only draw arbitrary lines in the dirt; a truth is a truth, and nothing more.

Recently, while collecting a bounty for Tetsu Kan, an herbalist tradesman, I began to hear rumor of an exotic plant known as “ Vapros”. Accounts claim the herb is a conduit for communication with “ The Preacher”, an indescribable being unbound by time, which holds answers of creation and existence. While some say it is only in the mind, others claim that it has a physical location. There is no argument, however, that Vapros is the only way to access The Preacher.

Money and resources are sparse, but I must follow the signs my home is giving me. It is my purpose.

Remember, we all shall fall to ash; the cosmos holds our ending tightly in its grip. Until that moment, it is up to us to find the truths spread throughout."


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