Stilgar The Stained

Cleric Heretic


Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Acolyte
Sex: Male
Age: Aprox. 37
Hometown: North Morizuma (region)
Family: None
Height: 6’3
Weight: 210


Take a seat stranger! I have a tale to tell and you look weary enough from travel to listen. I’ll start with my name. Stilgar. I come from a small village at the most Northern point of Morizuma. The name of the village is not important to this story and I wouldn’t know it even if it was. My parents were laborers throughout the region of about 5 small towns. Since my father didn’t have a skilled trade he amassed a large amount of owed taxes and tithes. The region is policed, protected, taxed, and ruled by a group known as “The Warriors of the Nameless God”. Ah! I see you’ve heard of them.
My parents sold me to The Warriors of the Nameless God to pay off their tithes and taxes. My age isn’t known to me, but I have brief memory of my mother. She had brown hair and piercing Hazel eyes. The Warriors of the Nameless God is a religion founded six hundred years ago. Very young by comparison to other religions. Their Prophet TsoLing was a Salves-Master who had a drug induced vision. In this vision he was engulfed by an encompassing light that stripped his flesh and disintegrated his bones, leaving only his spirit to remain. Once he was purified of his flesh a being descended upon him. This being revealed to him that the Untold Light would be harnessed. And with the power of this light The Purifier would come to cleanse this world of the wicked and unbelievers. It spoke saying that the Untold Light was inescapable and all powerful, that the Untold Light is the reason all life exists. When TsoLing asked the name of this personage, the being responded saying that his name will be revealed at the time of the Cleansing.
TsoLing began to collect every ancient manuscript and tome trying to search out the source of this power and how to harness it to pave way for The Purifier. During his studies and travels he converted many using the same hallucinogenic Salve he originally used to receive his visions. The group he started was called “The Seekers of the Nameless God”. This collective was small, mainly comprised of Scholars and philosophers. They built a monastery in the Northern Mountains of Morizuma. It was there that their numbers grew. In his old age TsoLing consumed more and more Salve in order to prompt his visions. This is believed to be how he died. From overdose while trying to speak with the Nameless God.
Originally the Seekers of the Nameless God were peaceful, and believed that they were responsible for saving as many people as possible through conversion. The Seekers were called upon by the local leaders to help foster safe trade routes and overall good relations throughout the region. As the Seekers of the Nameless God grew in numbers so did their need for resources. A small tax was began, that was soon increased to include a Religious Tithe that was used to specifically grow the Seekers power and numbers. What began as a few members grew over six hundred years to include thousands.
Twenty years ago a man named Tedrick Oakheart took control of the Seekers by convincing the council to begin recruiting warriors. Stating that the Cleansing wouldn’t come unless drastic measures were taken to hasten the conversion of all the people of this world. He said that it was revealed to him that the process of conversion included accepting the teachings of TsoLing and the Nameless God, or being purified of ones sins by being put to death. With his more aggressive tactics in mind he also changed the name of the order to “The Warriors of Nameless God”
When my parents sold me to pay their taxes and tithes I was taken into the order of the Warriors of the Nameless God. I was trained as a warrior. I was trained as a scholar. I was trained as a monk. The spell scrolls and tomes available to trainees is vast in the order. I embraced my teachings. Believing that the Nameless God would send his Purifier to cleanse this world of all sin and evil. I finished my training at twenty years old. I was made an official member during the graduation ceremony where the creed of the Warriors is taught to it’s members.
“TsoLing saw the light, and so too shall I see the Light. Those who reject this light will face its wrath. TsoLing saw the light, and so too shall I see the Light. Those who blaspheme against the Nameless God will face his wrath. TsoLing saw the light, and so too shall I see the Light. Those who dwell in darkness will see the light, for I will bring it to them. TsoLing Saw the Light, and so we shall all see the light.”
During the recitation of this creed a cleric imbues the symbol of the Order on the initiate’s forehead. The symbol is that of a Sun. A Gold circle on the Forehead with spear like rays of light radiating from the gold circle. One ray of light extends down the bridge of the nose. Other rays of light extend from the circle to the cheekbone traveling over the eyes. This symbol is shared by all members of the Warriors of the Nameless God. At this ceremony I was given my official Name. Stilgar the Dawnbringer. After my official acceptance I was put to work. Preventing raids and slavers from terrorizing the local villages. I did this for ten years. During that time I was embraced by my brethren and became a renowned warrior.
Tedrick Oakheart became more and more adamant about spreading the Gospel of the Nameless God by any means necessary. The local villages became wary. The sect that once offered them protection and safety now demanded more and more taxes and tithes. I grew hesitant with my association with the Order, but since the violence up to that point was against brigands to protect the innocent I was proud to be a member and contribute to the safety of others.
One of the local villages finally decided to stop paying the tithes. Saying that The Warriors of the Nameless God had become religious fanatics, whose ideals were so significantly departed from the teachings of TsoLing that they were nearly unrecognizable as the same sect. This infuriated Tedrick. He ordered the immediate cleansing of the village. Saying that we must make an example of these people. That we were bringing them the glory of eternity by purifying them of their sins so that they could sit in the presence of the Nameless God.
I couldn’t stand idly by while these people I knew to be innocent were brutally pacified. By cover of night I rode to the village and started preparing people for evacuation. Despite my best efforts my brethren arrived as we were preparing to leave. Seeing me helping the people flee, Tedrick ordered me taken captive. I was chained to a stake and forced to watch each member of the village, men, women, and children, sacrificed to the Nameless God. After every villager was killed I was excommunicated from The Warriors of the Nameless God. You would think they would kill disgraced members of their Order. But no. Excommunication has rules and procedures.
First of which a brand is fashioned in the shape of the Sun Symbol. The brand is then used to burn and scald the once golden symbol into a permanent deformity. Once the symbol is branded the pointer finger on the right hand is then cut off. Disgraced members are then set free. Told to wander the land telling of the Nameless God’s fury. Each time an active member of the Warriors happens upon a disgraced member he is required to brutally beat him, and remove another finger. Once all the fingers are gone they continue to remove body parts, eyes, ears, hands, feet. It is only when a disgraced member dies of his deformities is he offered redemption in the eyes of the Nameless God. I was stripped of name and given another. Stilgar the Stained.
Instead of aimlessly wandering the land teaching of the Nameless God, I renounce him. I happily play the role of Heretic. I embrace my scarred face and missing finger and display them for the world to see. Glad to tell my tale to any man, elf, or dwarf who will listen. And any time I see an active member of the Warriors, I gleefully beat him within an inch of his life and remove a finger. I then send him back to Tedrick to say that Stilgar the Stained sends his regards. I’ve collected almost fifty fingers now. I keep them in a satchel if you want to see. The truth is when I was excommunicated from the Warriors, it was then that my power flourished. While the Warriors of the Nameless God continue to grow, I seek the true source of my power. I seek after those who will help me oppose my old Order. I began having dreams of a Snowy Fox leading me somewhere unknown to me. That’s ultimately what has brought me to Tonbo. I don’t know exactly why I’m here. But I always find people to help, and will continue to do so until my purpose is revealed to me.
Well that’s my story traveler, you look weary. I will take my leave so that you can rest in peace. Safe travels.

Stilgar The Stained

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