Morizuma Religions

Since the Fall of the Old Empire in 7910 IE/ 1 DA, the religious climate in Morizuma has been intensely fractured.

Religion and the Old Empire

During the Rise of the Old Empire, keen tacticians seized the primordial teachings of Yushuan, a popular tribal belief system, and made it into a highly efficient political device. Ritualizing and systematizing the belief system helped the empire amass an incredible amount of power in a relatively short time period. This remained the dominant religion for the majority of the Empire’s reign, and at some points of the Empire’s reign, was enforced by law.

However, the Empire’s supposed bastardization of the teachings of Yushuan enraged many adherents to the faith. Several splinter groups of Yushuan fled the Empire’s grasp to form their own sectarian groups. Though pledging to return to the roots of Yushuan, many of these sects twisted the teachings even further. Many became violent and preoccupied with the occult.

Contemporary Religious Landscape

These cults are still a major part of the Morizuma religious systems today, and continue to play a role in the development of historical events. However, organized religion has become less of a continental identity, and more of a localized phenomenon. Regional differences are commonplace. Even with the fracturing of religious belief systems, many of these regional sects are based on heavily modified Yushuan teachings. Other foreign religions have made their way from other continents, but Yushuan-based religions still remain the dominant force.

Second to Yushuan-based sects, a return to pagan roots that were present before the Old Empire constitutes a large shift in public beliefs. Oftentimes these sects consist of a smattering of various religions, both regional and world-wide, but remain rooted in variations of achieving harmony with natural elements. Forms of shamanism have bloomed from this way of thinking, though tracing where these religions are are nigh impossible given the current political and cultural climate of Morizuma.

Morizuma Religions

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