Tome of Lost Souls

A crucial document of Yushuaan written in 1061 IE that details the creation of the world, the rise and fall of the Elder Beasts, and the advent of the Races of Oku. Nanok, first prophet of Yushuaan, claimed to have transcribe this text from a revelation he received while high in the Hiida Mountains. This is the first of the Seven Major Texts of Yushuaan. These texts have given rise to the most popular religion in Morizuma.

Original Text

Tome of Fallen Souls
A Record of the Creation of the World and of the History of the Elder Beasts and the Rise of the Fallen Races of Yushun

Set forth by the Hand of Nanok: The First Sage of Oku, The First Seer of Yúnshù, The First Kitsune of Aama, the Many-Named, as Told to Him by the Mouth of Her Holiness Aama, Goddess of the North and Protector of Souls in 1061 IE.

Chapter 1
In the beginning, there existed the Immortals, drifting far on the Astral Sea.
From the East came Fujin. From the West came Raijin.
Fūjin, god of wind, god of fire, drew Jiva from the Astral Sea. Raijin, god of earth, god of water, drew Ajiva from the Astral Sea.
Fujin and Raijin weaved together Jiva and Ajiva to create the World Tapestry
The World Tapestry was beautiful, and Fujin and Raijin were furious that it should radiate brighter than they. The Prideful Gods began to despise the tapestry and decided to cast it into oblivion, punishing their creation for its arrogance. Raijin took hold of the West, Fujin took hold of the East. The Gods tore the Tapestry into four pieces— one piece for each of their hands
Fujin, Lord of Order, drew The Empty Blight. From the nether of the Astral Sea, and Raijin, Lord of Chaos hurled the Tapestry into The Empty Blight, where the pieces sank deep into the void, shackled to four small stones. Fujin and Raijin sealed the darkness. Seeing their work to be done, they drifted apart, never to think of their forgotten creation.

Chapter 2
The reaches of the Empty Blight, filled with the radiance of the World Tapestries, were pierced through and cracked with an Untold Light. Faint glimmers of the Astral Sea dripped through the fractures and settled upon the Tapestries.
The Tapestries, lying in the depths of The Blight, were set upon by the Unknown Force of the Astral Sea, delivered by the Untold Light, and thus began the Hum of Ages.
Quivering, the colors and light of the Tapestries produced an unearthly sound and, from this song, the seas and stones sprang to life.
The seas and the stones produced an unearthly sound and, from this song, the trees and foliage sprang to life.
The trees and foliage produced an unearthly sound and, from this song, the Elder Beasts sprang to life.
The Elder Beasts produced an unearthly sound and, from this song, the Fallen Races of Yushun sprang to life out of the untouched wilderness.

Chapter 3
The Elder Beasts grew strong and proud, and their lives were wild and reckless in the lush lands of Yushun. Death and Life were one, and the Hum of Ages grew stronger as this balance approached the singularity of equilibrium.
Millennia passed, and while the Races of Yushun were still young, the Elder Beasts began to study the world around them to unlock the secrets of the Tapestry.
The balance of the Astral Hum gave them power and intelligence, and the Elder Beasts flourished. Learned in the sciences and philosophies that the light of the Astral Sea afforded them, the Elder Beasts gazed at the world around, but soon grew dismayed as they discovered the fate that had befallen them.
Being Creations despised by their Creator, the Elder Beasts recognized that they alone inhabited the Empty Blight, with no chance of something mightier than the state they were in.
The agony of the Elder Beasts grew, and they rejected the power that was around them, always wanting more so the learned men could strive to place Yushun amongst the Celestial Lands. The balance of the Astral Hum began to grow dissonant.
The Elder Beasts made use of strong magic to breach the Blight and enter the Astral Sea to plead with their creators, but their attempts were in vain.
As the dissonance grew, the Elder Beasts realized that there was no chance of respite for the souls of their dead nor the souls of their living. The imbalance had awoken the deceased spirits that were fastened to the Fabric, and the awakened souls knew not where to seek their rest.
No haven had been set aside for the wandering Geists by the Great Abandoners, and the restless souls beset the Lost Lands searching for their sleep. The Elder Beasts continued their search for the Old Gods, to make their fractured souls whole.

Chapter 4
The Elder Beasts retreated deeper into their four homelands, seeking sanctuary from the voracity of the Geists.
The sight of the Other Lands was lost as the tapestry shards drifted further in the Blight. The lands grew dark and the Astral Hum grew dissonant.
The unity of the Elder Beasts was fractured, and four sects were born from the forces of Yushun: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Each sect claimed a shard of the Tapestry and each made their own parcel of the Lost Lands hostile to the others.
The Elder Beasts lusted for power and flourished in the marvelous walled cities they had built— each a monument to their element. Each generation forgot more of the others, and the clans of Elder Beasts turned further inward. They grew strong and devoted themselves wholly to their elements, and the four civilizations flourished for millennia.
While the Elder Beasts preoccupied themselves with their studies, the wilderness outside of the cities grew darker as the Geists exerted their control on the vast, untamed wilds.

Chapter 5
As their power grew, the Elder Beasts mastered the art of Voidwalking, and rediscovered the Lost Lands.
Differences grew between the Voidwalkers, and great battles took place in the Void between the great warriors of the clans. The conflict was mighty, and the power of the Elder Beasts waned as their warriors fell over petty differences.
The Elder Beasts, fueled by their arrogance and lust for power, could no longer hear the Hum of Ages, and did not notice the tone gliss into the Unholy Chord.
The Power of the Ancient Ones diminished as the dissonance grew.
The Geists, jealous of the cities built by the Elder Beasts and empowered by the Unholy Chord, set upon the weakened cities of the living Elder Beasts ferociously and with untold savagery.
The Siege of the four Shards lasted for 10,000 years. Such a battle had never been witnessed by the Empty Blight. The clamor reached out, and disturbed the Astral Sea. The wonder of the Elder Beasts was destroyed, and with each death and victory, the Geists grew stronger yet.
The cities of the Elder Beasts burned, and the once-noble race lay defeated— undone by their hubris.

Chapter 6
Those who had recognized the arrogance of their brothers wept at the sight of the burning cities, and made plans to flee from the carnage.
Two sects arose. One parcel of the host followed Aama, calling herself the Goddess of the North, deep into the void, swearing to protect and preserve the good that the Elder Beasts had brought to their empty world.
The other part of the host followed Miikoto, calling herself Goddess of the South, deep into the wilderness of Yushun, swearing to wreak vengeance on the Geists and the Great Abandoners— to further the causes the Elder Beasts had set in motion.
Before departing, Aama and Miikoto called a great counsel of the remaining Elder Beasts to plan a restoration of balance to the Blight and return Yushun to its previous splendor. The counsel realized that the Elder Beasts were too weak to enact the systems of progress, and decided to place the fate of the world in the hands of the young Races of Yushun.
The Races had lived hidden in nature, as animals of our current age. It was assumed that the powers of the Astral Hum would never be afforded to them, as they were mere beasts.
Aama decreed that twelve Kitsune would arise from the Races of Yushun, acting as prophets and restoring the history of Yushun of old— when the Elder Beasts reigned in prosperity and lived in balance with the Blight.
Miikoto decreed that twelve Kechibi would arise from the Races of Yushun, acting as warriors and restoring the power of the Astral Hum of old, when the Elder Beasts reigned in prosperity and lived in balance with the Tapestry.
These twenty-four Tirtans would guide the Races of Yushun to bring their world back to prosperity, restore the harmony of the Astral Hum, and achieve the dignity of the Empty Blight by bringing Fujin and Raijin to justice, thus establishing Yushun among the Celestial Lands and allowing ultimate peace for the residents of the Lost Lands.
Aama, saddened by the departure from her people, fled to the Void and became caretaker of the Jiva.
Miikoto, enraged at the fate of his people, fled to the deep wilds of Yushun, and became caretaker of the Ajiva.

Chapter 7
I, Nanok, called by Aama to be the first Kitsune of the Races of Yushun, transcribed this record from a vision of Her Holiness as appeared to me. I now transcribe what was taught to me by the Goddess.
The Goddess of the North appeared to me in the form of a snowy fox high in the Hiida Mountains on the eve of my 30th year, whilst hewing a log for lumber to ward against the chill of winter.
As it were told to me, this record is incomplete, but the fullness of the Knowledge of the Elder Beasts shall be bestowed to Yushun in due time.
I understand not what the all the complexities detailed herein mean in fullness. But, as it were told to me, would be detailed further by subsequent Kitsune, as chosen by Aama.
As it were told to me, the events detailed in this record took place millions upon millions of years ago, and remnants of the embattled era on this old earth have nearly all faded.
As it were told to me, the Unreachable Regions of Oku are where the cities of the Elder Beasts once stood, cordoned off by the mighty magic of Miikoto, to protect the Races of Yushun from the unrest that lurks there. This applies to the other Lost Lands as well, but Her Holiness did not reveal the geography of these places, nor did she enlighten me on how to reach them.
As it were told to me, the other Lost Lands of Yushun are still drifting about the Empty Blight— ever further apart, yet still intact.
As it were told to me, a band of mighty warriors and sages would act as Restorers, and bring back the balance that was once lost, destined to place the Realm of Yushun among the Celestial Lands, as they drift upon the Astral Tides.
I, Nanok, called by Aama to be the first Kitsune of the Races of Yushun, do attest to the truth of these writings.

Tome of Lost Souls

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